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Wedding & Event Clients:

Tava has been entertaining the seniors of Darien for three years. She has always been very well received. Tava is educational as she performs. We will have her back every year! – Marcy R. (Darien, CT)

“Wow, you exceeded my expectations in every way. I think my cheeks are sore from smiling and my hands sore from clapping. Thank you so much Tava!” -Mary D. (Fairfield, CT)

“You were the hit of my wedding! Beautiful, professional and supremely talented. Thank you so much for making my happiest day that much more incredible. I definitely want to learn from you when I get back from my honeymoon.”
-Elizabeth (Westport, CT)

“You were such a hit! I’m getting texts and phone calls raving about you. Your dancing, your grace and the ease with which you worked the crowd at our wedding. Thank you!” -Karen (NJ)


“When I started bellydancing with Tava in 2009, I didn’t know how much my experiences with her would shape and improve my life for the better. More than just learning about both the physical and cultural anatomy of bellydance, Tava introduced me to an amazing and supportive community, nurtured my individual strengths, and compassionately guided me through personal transformations that have benefited my life beyond just my dance career. Years later and a continent apart, her words still give me inspiration, insight, and strength that make my experiences with Improvisational and Tribal Fusion style bellydance richer, and my relationships to my dance community more fulfilling.”
-Eliot (CA & CT)

“Tava is an incredibly dedicated teacher, performer, and mentor. Her classes take into account the various levels in the room, and she makes sure to challenge all of her students. She covers not only technique, but also performance and interpretation. Tava’s level of artistry and her knowledge of the variations between different culture’s approaches to middle-eastern dance make her performances breathtaking and her lessons enriching and engaging. Her thorough education is apparent in the care that she approaches her dance with. As her student, Tava has given me insight into the professional world of belly dance, as well as taught me about the history, music, and even the anatomy of what makes up the movements of our dance. She is a kind soul, a beautiful dancer, and a wonderful mentor, and I am proud to study with her.”
-Kia (Stamford, CT)

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