Mentorship Program

_MG_1146-2(1)Not a bellydancer in CT? No problem. Tava offers this program via Skype.

This is a program designed for the semi-professional dancer who is considering a transition to the professional level. The program includes regular in-person, phone or Skype sessions to discuss professional bellydancer etiquette and topics of interest. Dancers can come prepared with questions, gain feedback on video clips or receive “homework” on topics that will increase their understanding and appreciation of the dance. Local dancers can accompany Tava on performances to gain familiarity with how to engage a crowd, handling a late start time, acceptable amount of time to pose for photos post-show, maintaining a surprise entrance (when applicable) and any other issue that may come up in a performance situation. Dancers in the mentorship program also receive bundle discounts on private lessons and coaching.

“I felt a need to help advanced dancers transition to the role of a professional bellydancer because the lack of a mentor can lead to honest mistakes such as under-cutting, cultural insensitivity, or improper etiquette. There are many things to be aware of before anyone represents themselves as a professional and I want to do my part to elevate the perception of this dance and raise the standards. I would receive questions on my blog or on Facebook from people who were fantastic dancers but needed some guidance along the way and I am very proud to be working with a number of amazing dancers in this capacity.”

Please be aware, this program is designed for the serious student who has dedicated several years to the study of this dance. Tava reserves the right not to accept every dancer for a number of reasons and there is no guarantee of a prolific career as a bellydancer.

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