Smart Women Shimmy T-shirts and Tanks are Here! Join the 100+ women who have spread the empowering message.
13138747_10153637555021947_8136714209607686479_n 100% cotton purple t-shirt with white lettering.Smart Women Shimmy shirts are fitted so if a snug tee is not your cup of tea, best to order a size or 2 up, depending on your preferred fit. If we don’t have a size in stock, we will gladly include your preference in the next order request. Rear of shirt says “Bellydance by Tava.” Bella brand.

Smart Women Shimmy t-shirt $25 includes U.S.A. shipping

Please note: Currently available Medium and Large sizes.

Smart Women T-shirts

Tank Tops:

Cotton, polyester and spandex blend. Black tank with gray lettering. Smart Women Shimmy tanks are fitted so best to order up a size or two, depending on your preferred fit. Rear of shirt says, “Bellydance by Tava.” Next Level brand.

Please note: Currently available Medium and Large

Smart Women Shimmy Tank Tops


Little Book of Big Advice: Enlightening Ideas for Bellydance Professionals by Tava Naiyin
Description: Little Book of Big Advice: Enlightening Ideas for Bellydance Professionals was a #Best Seller in Dance Reference on

This book is an essential read for dancers who are considering a transformation from hobbyist to professional. Tava Naiyin, author and highly-accomplished bellydancer in NYC and CT, writes candidly about her experiences as an artist who has relied exclusively on dance-generated income for 10+ years. After receiving countless questions from budding dance professionals across the U.S., she compiled her answers and wrote this book to address what she perceived as possible gaps in training.

This book cannot take the place of a mentor, however, it aims to promote industry standards and help bellydance artists determine if they have the right skills and circumstances to turn their passion into a career. Readers can expect information about costume purchasing and care, performance etiquette, general do’s and don’ts, how to get the most out of practice, staying inspired, juggling art vs. commerce and more. Readers can expect inspiring and practical tidbits from top bellydancers Andrea (NY), Angelica Jordan (Quebec), Maria (CA), Riskallah Riyad (CT), Sira (NY) and Zaina (Globetrotter). Anyone who is considering a career in dance or the performing arts will come away with useful information to help them make informed choices and avoid costly mistakes. Cost $15 includes U.S.A. shipping.

Little Book of Big Advice

Final Book Cover 8.2015_screenshot
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